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Why did pizza become so popular?

Today, pizza is among the most popular types of food in the world especially in the US with chains like papa John’s dominating the fast food market. Today’s generation may not be aware that this popular meal covered with tomato sauce has come a long way from Italian roots and was not so popular in the country.

In Naples, the pie was largely ignored by the chefs because they believed it was a poor man’s delicacy but the new method of combining it with tomato raised the people’s curiosity in the 1770s including the palace. The king at that time liked the pizza so much that he wanted it to be included in the menu of the court. It is hence believed that the popularity of pie first began in Italy and later found its way to America.

Just like many people living in America, pizza is an immigrant food with its roots based in Italy. It was popularized by the many Italians who were in a constant move around the world between 1880 and 1920 introducing it wherever they settled. Even though they left their homes behind, they could not leave their taste buds and the skills for making the flatbread.

The popularity further increased after the Second World War where soldiers returning home from Italy came with a developed taste for the pie and introduced it to their families. Then there was the increased rise of suburban living which demanded a changed lifestyle with just a couple of kids and a home. The frozen pie easily fit into that lifestyle which was further promoted by the development of free home delivery. What else could anyone need in life?

Over the years, this meal has not stopped to evolve and new combinations are being introduced each and every day without losing the original combination of cheese and bread.