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A short history of pizza

It is not clearly known where or when pizza was first made because no references have been found. With its history, it is just a mystery without a clear starting point with different communities claiming to have been the origin of the flatbread. It is thought that this meal originated from Italy and was a peasant meal for many centuries but unfortunately it is not clear who invented it. Also, it is said that pie like dishes was served in the Mediterranean regions which include the Greeks and Egyptians empires.

In the 14th century, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous but somehow managed to get into the diets of poorer people living in Naples who would place the tomatoes on the yeast dough and hence creating the first pizza that we know today. The peasants prepared the pies using flour, lard, olive oil, cheese and some herbs which they would use to feed their families.

The role of ancient Egyptians cannot be ignored when analyzing the history of the pie because they invented the rising dough technique and the first oven. The oven would be used to prepare the flatbread enhanced with herbs to celebrate the birthday of the pharaoh and hence we can say that they invented the pizza party. Also, the Persian Empire would bake flat bread for the Army which would be served with dates and cheese toppings.

Concluding who invented the pie meal is very difficult because even the Chinese believe that they were the first people to prepare the pie as green-onion pancake o what they call the Cong you bing. However, even though the toppings resemble the green-onion, it cannot be concluded whether the pie began in China. There may be confusion in the history of pizza but the fact remains that it is one of the most delicious dishes one can enjoy.